Ann Arbor Ski Team: 2008-2015

On October 9th, 2015 Aaron Frank, the Athletic Director at Birmingham Seaholm High School sent the following note to the Ann Arbor Ski Team (A2ST) on behalf of the Mt Brighton Interscholastic Ski League:

"The school administrators have decided to form a new high school league for the purpose of scheduling at Mt. Brighton. It is limited to MHSAA High School programs, so A2ST will not be included in this new league."

In their wisdom, these school administrators disbanded a league that had been in place for decades, and created a new league for the singular purpose of excluding the Ann Arbor Ski Team. This means that after seven years of competing as equals, Ann Arbor Ski Team is no longer a member of the league, and thus is formally disbanded. While we could focus on the hypocritical and exclusionary tactics of these coaches and athletic directors, instead, we would like to take this time to thank the skiers, coaches and parents for making A2ST a fantastic TEAM. For seven years the organization worked to make high school ski racing possible for kids from throughout the Ann Arbor area. Each skier brought something great to the program and hopefully took something positive away from their time together. The coaches worked long hours for little pay. Clearly it was a labor of love for them. And, it would have not been possible without the parents.

Thanks to all who tried.

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